Sharing is Caring

Get your oils paid for through helping others.

Curious About the Biz?

What if there was a way to get your oils paid for by helping others support their health?

After so many of us started using – and falling in love with – our oils and other Young Living products, we began talking about our experiences. And as we began talking about them, others started to follow.

Do you ever wonder how you can help get your friends started with Young Living?

Would you like tips on how you can affordably increase your orders so that you can start earning all the freebies?

Sharing authentically and guiding people on where to start is actually super easy. And you will be “thanked” by Young Living when you do!

All Young Living members are eligible to help others get started … and get paid for it! It’s a membership perk that’s available to you at anytime, with no strings or commitments required.

If you are loving your Young Living products and are starting to envision how they can help others … then perhaps t’s time to make a difference in others’ lives … and cover the cost of your oils at the same time!

Making Cents of It

If you’re a bit nosy like we are, be sure to peep the Young Living Income Disclosure Statement. Notice the average annual income by rank.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Only a few people make it to the top.” Ready to let me to blow your mind? I’m currently Gold rank, and of the eight people above me, ALL are Diamonds and up, with FOUR of them being at the very top rank (yes, Royal Crown Diamond). These are people I know. It’s TOTALLY ATTAINABLE!

Now, go look at the average annual income for Diamond and up again. What would that do for your life?

Our good friend (and amateur comedian) Ryan Hase – a Young Living Diamond – quit his successful CPA job after his wife’s business unexpectedly took off. Check out this video where Ryan breaks down the dollars and cents of a YL business.

Spoiler alert: it could “ruin” your current retirement plans!

Residual Income

Want more? Check out “Ryan Part II,” on residual income.

Learn all about how sharing your love of oils can help you and your family become financially free. Ryan will break down how the income earned from your Young Living business can provide more than Social Security and IRAs could ever do!