Wellness Box

Baby step your way to total wellness ... and save.

Essential Rewards

This is Young Living’s wellness box subscription program. The idea is that Young Living wants to make it as easy as possible for you to ditch out all the toxic products in your home and replace them with plant-based alternatives.

To help with your commitment to a cleaner lifestyle, they have a program that gives you quarterly free gifts, up to 25% back of your orders as store credit, and the opportunity to get extra, exclusive FREEBIES every month.

Essential rewards subscription box with description

And guess what? There are zero strings attached! No fees to start up, no fees to stop. You can legit hop on and off anytime you want! The only requirement at all is the 50pv minimum

It’s also suuuper customizable. Unlike most of the subscription boxes out there, where the items are chosen for you … you get to pick all your own stuff! And you can change the products up as often as you want.

And lets not forget to mention the flexibility. Need to wait until after payday this month? Go ahead. Want to get your order out in time for your vacay next month? Easy peasy. You can even SKIP one month a year without having to cancel!

The only requirement is a minimum of 50pv a month. But once you start switching out your household and personal care products, and start loving on a supplement or two, that’s super easy. Think about it: do you spend at least $50 a month on things like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, floor cleaner, skincare and vitamins each month? Simply start replacing those things with the non-toxic Young Living version, and you’re there without needing to rebudget. You’ll then start getting REWARDED for keeping your family safe and healthy.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to head over to www.youngliving.com. Then log in, click Essential Rewards and follow the prompts.