NingXia Red

A whole-body nutrient infusion.

What the heck is NingXia Red anyway?

Time to learn alllll about the Red Drank, aka Ninja Juice, aka NR.

NingXia Red is a naturally delicious, nutrient-infused antioxidant drink that will energize, fortify and replenish your body. Rick in wide-spectrum antioxidant activity, NingXia Red has the highest levels of naturally occurring age-defying S-ORAC activity to help support immune function, cardiovascular health and nourish the eyes.

NingXia Red Wolfberry Puree Antioxidant Powerhouse

Full of macro-nutrients

NingXia Red is a delicious liquid “macro-nutrient” antioxidant supplement made from wolfberry puree, which consists of the leaves, stem, peel and fruit.

Ummmmm, what the heck is a macro-nutrient, you ask? Easy! It’s simply a supplement made from whole food. Nothing lab-created; no single nutrients have been isolated from their whole.

It’s based on the idea of synergy: the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts. Each individual nutrient in a whole food NEEDS the others to ensure proper delivery, uptake and retention in our bodies. Our bodies THRIVE on the whole food and whole nutrient.

Spoiler alert: most of our digestive systems are functioning lower than we want them to. But the good news: we absorb a liquid supplement like NingXia Red faster because the body doesn’t need to break it down. It’s easier on the gut and the delivery system to our body is quicker. Winning!

So what types of macro-nutrients are included?

  • Fiber
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Critical amino acids
  • Polysaccharides

Formulated with Young Living essential oils

NingXia Red contains: orange, lemon, tangerine and rare yuzu essential oils.

These essential oils are strategically chosen for their health-supporting benefits and flavor profiles. They also support our body’s ability to more fully absorb minerals. (Don’t do mineral supplements without essential oils, y’all!)

Plus, they are up to 93% d-limonene – which is a powerful antioxidant and marker for bioactivity. Together, this blend of essential oils adds natural flavoring and helps maintain the body’s normal cellular function.

Proprietary concentrated fruit blend

NingXia Red is formulated with a carefully curated and flavorful blend of blueberry, plum, cherry, aronia and pomegranite concentrates, along with grape seed extract. These fruits have powerful compounds, phytonutrients, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to support full-body wellness.